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Full range

The photo to the left shows some equipment ready for hire in our Lutterworth depot showroom.

Please see below and over the following pages our full range of products.

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  • From £ 151.20 Ex. VAT

    Producing a massive 26kW of heat per hour – this extremely powerful, propane powered heater is perfect for heating warehouses, factories and other large open spaces. Constructed from insulated mild steel, it features a protective mesh grid and secondary guard rail. It can run continuously for up to 30 hours from a single 47kg propane cylinder. 

  • From £ 34.80 Ex. VAT

    Heating your house the natural way with wood logs' the horizontal log splitter makes it possible. With this heavy-duty 7 ton hydraulic splitter, splitting small logs up to 52cm in length and 300mm in diameter becomes a pleasure. 

  • From £ 46.80 Ex. VAT

    Very useful long handled hedgetrimmer. the head adjusts to 10 different positions through 150 degrees. no need to balance on top of steps for high hedges.

  • From £ 34.80 Ex. VAT

    Single and double edged heavy duty professional hedge trimmers

  • From £ 46.80 Ex. VAT

    Professional lawn scarifier for quick and efficient removal of thatch from lawns. For large lawns, golf clubs, cricket clubs, and playing fields. WHEN AND WHY TO SCARIFY ..... Scarifying undoubtedly improves the quality of your lawn in several ways, see below for further information.

  • From £ 75.60 Ex. VAT

    Let your lawn breathe with this easy to use core plugger. Use it at any time of the year to relieve compaction and increase water retention for the roots. We are really pleased with the response we are getting from this product - the first customer that hired it from our Warwick shop phoned up and virtually demanded that Ben, the Manager went round to his...

  • From £ 25.20 Ex. VAT

    57kg capacity spreader covers a lot of ground FAST. Can be used to spread salt! Rustproof polypropylene hopper holds up to 57kg. Rides on a frame constructed of heavy gauge steel tubing with a baked enamel finish. 3/4" steel axle. Calibrated control plate is easy to see and set at the flow rate you want. Positive on-off control.

  • From £ 21.60 Ex. VAT

    Light enough to transport easily but heavy duty enough to cope with that delayed first cut of the season. The Izy is expressly designed to get the mowing job done as quickly as possible. Not only that, you'll find Izy makes mowing more of a pleasure and less of a chore: it is easier to start, handle and operate than many other lawnmowers.

  • From £ 13.20 Ex. VAT

    Garden Roller Heavy duty steel roller.Water fill. Lightweight when empty to carry in most cars, fill it with water when you get to site.

Showing 1 - 9 of 261 items

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