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Perfect Trenching: How to Achieve the Ideal Trench

Ever wondered how the perfect golf course or football pitch is built – wiring, lighting, sprinklers and all? In the construction of these sorts of establishments, complex installations require trenching.

Chances are if you work in the irrigation trade you’ve used a trencher before. Trenchers vary in size and shape but all share the same base functionality: a trencher slices through soil, roots and ground in its path like a chainsaw would cut through a tree.


A trencher is the ideal solution for a business seeking a quick fix or a homeowner doing a bit of DIY and looking to avoid the pain and hassle of shovelling. Ultimately, a trencher saves time, effort and money in hiring the manpower required to manually dig the same distances.  

Tracked trenchers, such as the Barreto hydraulic tracked trencher, are designed with performance and efficiency in mind. The tracks absorb and negate a lot of the impact and movement often experienced with untracked trenchers, with the weight of the machine offering traction and stability when working with potentially problematic conditions. The 7.1” track also provides greater weight distribution, minimising intrusion of surrounding landscape and offers stability on even the wettest soil, sand and clay. The track also absorbs impact caused by obstructions in the soil such as rocks and roots.

The trencher is easy and simple to operate, causing minimal damage to the surrounding environment, compared to an excavator/digger, as the debris is piled neatly in the wake of the new trench and is easily pushed back in once piping or cabling has been installed.

“Set and go” controls mean the machine requires minimal manual control once positioned correctly – as if on cruise control. The driver need only engage a safety clutch and the trencher does the rest of the work.

Reliable even in the most difficult conditions; the Barreto trencher makes the operator’s job simple and ensures brilliant results.


See our trencher in action:

Tracked trenchers are a great solution to problematic building projects, reducing margin for error whilst digging neatly and effectively. Irrespective of how you plan to use a trencher, you’re guaranteed to save yourself a lot of grief and man hours.

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