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Tips for re-turfing your lawn

When gardening, there's nothing quite like the feeling of looking at a perfectly manicured lawn. However, sowing seed from scratch can take a long time to achieve this. That's why many people choose to lay their own turf - although it can be hard work and more expensive initially, it guarantees you an instant, lush lawn. It's also a great way of re-vamping an existing lawn that has become...
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Plantool: Demonstrating passion and confidence in the Midlands with a six-figure investment

For summer 2017, Plantool has decided to take a step forward with £680,000 investment into new equipment and services. This investment will not only ensure access to cutting edge tools and new equipment but also provide a wider variety and greater capabilities for both customers and staff, demonstrating our dedication to the thriving Midlands market.
The £680,000 investment...
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Plantool Training - Working Safely with IOSH

At Plantool Training we are devoted to keeping your business up to speed when it comes to professional development in the workplace. Our qualified training department and fully managed facilities ensure that every course undertaken is fully understood by every participant; we pride ourselves on high-quality courses that are great value for money.
In recent decades, manual, engineering...
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Spring-time DIY: Getting the best results with diggers and dumpers

In preparation for the summer months, when you’ll want to spend a great deal of your time outdoors, it might be time to take a long stare at your garden and consider whether you’re willing to invest some TLC into your space with some DIY landscaping.
A small spot of gardening might require a few handy tools, but for anything bigger, you will need diggers and dumpers – allowing you to...
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Perfect Trenching: How to Achieve the Ideal Trench

Ever wondered how the perfect golf course or football pitch is built – wiring, lighting, sprinklers and all? In the construction of these sorts of establishments, complex installations require trenching.

Chances are if you work in the irrigation trade you’ve used a trencher before. Trenchers vary in size and shape but all share the same base functionality: a trencher slices...
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Pressure washers: Keeping your car, drive and patio pristine during the wet weather months

As February progresses and the year marches swiftly on, we’re headed face-first into the wet season. This means it’s much more difficult to maintain a sheen on our cars, our drives look a margin glummer than usual and our patios don’t gleam as they should. Situations such as these do not call for a simple scrub - they require more heavy duty equipment to preserve the high standards of any...
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Heating your workspace – finding the right solution for the job

When working in cold conditions, particularly during the winter months, adequate heating, (whether it’s on a building site, a warehouse, an office or at home) is vital. However, all heaters are not equal in size or specification and selecting the right one for the job can make a real difference. Before you jump into purchasing or hiring a heater, it might be worth asking yourself a few...
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Product Demonstration - Welcoming Hilti to our depot

Plantool offer huge a range of quality Hilti equipment for hire. We would like to invite our customers to a demonstration day at our Daventry depot on Tuesday 28th February. Tom Webb of Hilti will be coming along with a range of equipment to demonstrate to ensure our staff and customers alike are getting the very best out of the equipment we hire, increasing productivity, reducing...
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Industry Leading Training with Plantool – IOSH Safety courses

 In the UK alone, 100,000 employees gain an IOSH qualification each year, enabling them to effectively promote and manage health and safety in their workplace as well as elevate their career in the process. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of certificated health and safety training courses, IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) helps individuals and organisations alike to...
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Plantool Joins PASMA

Plantool Limited has recently been given the stamp of approval by the Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association (PASMA). PASMA is a respected organisation responsible for representing the interests of those in the mobile access tower industry, within the United Kingdom. This trade association began operating in 1974, and is specifically geared towards ensuring the health and...
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Aaron is rewarded for 10 years service with Plantool

A big thank you to Aaron!

Aaron Dawes is the latest employee to be awarded a quality crafted timepiece in recognition of his ten years hard work and service with Plantool Hire Centres.
Aaron commenced his employment with Plantool straight from school, working at the Daventry depot as an apprentice under Dave Smith, Workshop Manager. In the first few years, Aaron...
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Win a Hitachi Combi Drill in aid of the Shakespeare Hospice

Plantool Hirecentres Stratford upon Avon and Warwick are taking part in a Jolly Jumper Day, Friday 16th December to help raise money for The Shakespeare Hospice.
On the day cakes and drinks will be available to all customers including a chance to take part in our raffle where you can win a Hitachi 18v Combi Drill.
We look forward to seeing you on the day!
£1 per strip...
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Bedworth Skate Park Tribute To Nuneaton's Morgan Hehir

Back in October, Plantool proudly donated scaffolding towers to aid in the renovation of a stunning wall of art at Bedworth Skate Park. The creative piece was the work of Morgan Hehir, a former George Elliot Hospital worker from Nuneaton, and a group of friends. Morgan tragically passed away in 2015. Together, Morgan’s family and friends spent the day in the park, with the street...
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Plantool Hire Centres Make Company-wide £180K Investment in Genie Equipment

Plantool Hire Centres are proud to announce the strengthening of our partnership with Genie, thanks to a company-wide £180K investment in electric scissor lifts. This investment reinforces our position as a regional leader in plant and access hire.
A total of 17 brand new Genie electric scissor lifts will now be available across all our depots in Daventry, Nuneaton, Kettering,...
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Plantool’s Nuneaton Depot Has Relocated

During the first week of August, our depot in Nuneaton moved doors over to a new centre on Liberty Way. It has been completely refurbished, boasting twice the floor space of the former depot. It also provides a fully equipped workshop and ample parking, creating better flexibility for both customers and the Plantool team.

The move is a symbol of Plantool’s continued...
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Understanding BIM: what you need to know

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a term you’re likely to be hearing a lot these days. It represents a new approach to conceptualising buildings that is revolutionising the world of construction. From client and architect to builder and end user, BIM enables a holistic approach that makes it much easier to coordinate activities, monitor development and plan for the future. So, what...
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Staying Safe During DIY Projects Outdoors: The Basics

With summer in full swing, now is the time for many homeowners to get cracking with their outdoor projects but not all of them have fully considered the health and safety risks that come with their DIY pursuits. No matter if you just need to give your window frames a new lick of paint, or you've got a major landscaping job on the cards for your back garden, safety should always be on your mind....
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Top 10 Plants That Need the Least Maintenance and Care

Maybe you need to landscape a holiday home or a rental property. Maybe you simply have too many work or family responsibilities to spend every Sunday pottering around the garden. Even a small outdoor space can improve your quality of life so why not make the most of it. The good news is that there are many plants out there that require relatively little from you in order to thrive to give you a...
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Time to Get Back in the Garden, But Where Do You Start?

Many people across the UK experienced a mild winter and wet spring. However, better weather has finally found us! So, if you’re going to get your garden in order you’d better get a move on but where do you start?

Cleaning the Garden Area
Get your garden space ready for entertaining:
Remove any outdoor furniture from the area temporarily - more on this below....
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The Most Energy-Efficient Materials from which to Build a House

The green movement has given us many amazing, new, energy-efficient building materials. It has also led to the re-discovery of some truly ancient building techniques which give the new super-materials some competition. This article takes a look at some of the more interesting, modern (and ancient) developments in energy-efficient building materials; a bit of inspiration when planning a new home...
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Tidying up your garden

With spring now rapidly approaching (after what seemed to be the longest winter since UK records began) now is the time to take your rake, shears and garden sacks into the sparse landscape that has become your garden. Here are our top tips for a pre Spring garden tidy up in minimal time.

1. Take a trip to your local garden centre
Spring is an exciting time for the...
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Training - IPAF, IOSH, PASMA who is it for and what are the benefits?

Over the course of the last two decades the industrial world has seen many changes put in place in a bid to improve health and safety. Not least of these changes has been an increase in the number of required training courses for those who work in potentially dangerous situations. Here we take a look at three core courses, explaining who each is for and what benefits each delivers.
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Robots for construction application

For those who have seen Ex-Machina, read iRobot or listened to Stephen Hawking’s warning of AI eventually becoming a threat to our very existence, the growing use of robots may seem disconcerting. For others, however, such as one company over in Wandsworth, the realm of robotics is delivering something that for others sounds entirely unexpected.
We talk, of course, of one wily little...
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Build your own decking - the ultimate DIY landscaping project

For those who may have considered an outdoor decking area one of the leading considerations is usually cost, and little wonder given that this home improvement can easily reach the lofty budgetary heights of upwards of £1000.
Yet despite so many homeowners typically choosing to go to the professionals for such a service, building your own decking is surprisingly straight forward with...
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Plantool’s "How to" - Damp proofing your basement

The basement within any form of building is one of the most common areas for damp owing to its placement beneath the ground and the tendency for the exterior to suffer from some amount of moisture soaking in from the earth that immediately surrounds it. This may be particularly noticeable if you’ve not damp proofed your basement for some time, or have suffered from saturated ground from ongoing...
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How to Hang Drywall: Use a Lift!

Do you have a ceiling that you need to drywall? Then it will definitely prove worthwhile using a lift, by far the best way to get a ceiling up without the hassle. Drywall lifts are easily disassembled, making them suitable for storage in the boot of your vehicle.
With regards to reliable drywall lifts, there is no better example than the original PANELLIFT® Brand Drywall Lift Model...
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Electrics cables: The different types of domestic cables explained

The various differing forms, colours and standards of domestic electric cables can lead to a seriously confusing landscape for the average homeowner. So here we demystify this landscape in a bid to literally untangle a range of cables that you may be dealing with for your DIY or professional project.

Your home, electrical work and the law
The standard for domestic...
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Submersible pumps: How and when to use them

Submersible pumps are a powerful, flexible form of tool that can be used to drain both liquids (including sludge, sewage and water), as well as certain solids from an area. There are, however, a range of different formats, and choosing correctly for the right situation is not only important for efficiency, but for safety. Here’s a complete guide to helping you choose how and when to use a...
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Laying a new turf lawn

Laying a new lawn can seem like an intimidating prospect, with lacklustre results typically achieved by the novice when compared to that of a professional. Yet laying a turf that takes well, and that leads to a lush lawn in the upcoming spring and summer season, is simply a matter of following set steps to the letter.

First things first: A brief overview of turf types Read More

How To - Preventing and removing airlocks in pipes

It’s not a happy day when you turn on your tap and no water comes out. If this happens, it’s usually because of an air lock. Sometimes air locks occur after a system had been emptied. Hot water heating systems and central heating systems are vulnerable to this. Plumbers can be expensive and this is one problem you might be able to easily fix yourself .

The tendency of air to...
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DIY Fireplace Makeover

The fireplace is so often the centre of a room. Particularly in a lounge or a dining room, it is the fireplace that draws the eye as you walk in. Old fireplaces can be great, but there’s a world of difference between ‘period’ and ‘tired’.

People can be put off from renewing or replacing fireplaces, or from being a bit braver and trying something completely new and different,...
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How To – Draining a radiator quickly and without making a mess

As with many plumbing  jobs, draining off a radiator has the potential to be a messy business. The scope for something to go wrong is big, but there are methods you can use to cut down the risk of any mishaps. In fact, if you follow these steps, then it’s possible to drain your radiator or, in fact, your whole central heating system, without any, mess at all.

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Preparing for icy weather conditions – Which heater is right for the job?

When the weather turns colder, it’s best to prepare yourself in advance. Having adequate heating, whether it’s on a building site, a warehouse, an office or at home, is vital. But not all heaters are born equal, and selecting the right one for the job can make a real difference. Before you jump into buying or hiring a heater, it might be worth asking yourself a few questions.

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Hanging Doors: a How-to Guide for a Job Well Done

Fitting new doors can be trickier than you expect, especially as older houses tend to twist and settle, bringing the door frames well out of true. Still, with a little care and the right tools, anyone can hang a door like an expert.

1) Offer up the door
Hold the new door up to the frame, and see how close a fit it is. Mark where the door will have to be cut...
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Happy Retirment to Brian Hewitt

The Plantool team have recently said a fond farewell to Brian Hewitt, a valued member of our team who worked at our Kettering depot. Brian was with us for 7 years working as the driver. Previous to this, he was manager at the Brandon hire depot in Kettering but came to us when they closed it down.
Brian was certainly one of the best drivers in the business with his knowledge, experience...
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Selling On Your House? 5 Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Home More Attractive To Buyers.

Of course, we all know we have to present a clean and well-turned-out home to attract buyers, but some of the things home owners and developers do to a property to raise its value actually produce less improvement than they actually cost!
So, what can you do to spruce up a property in ways that are most likely to give you the best return on your investment?

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Revamping Your Kitchen - A Fresh Look Without Ripping Out Cabinets!

You’d be amazed what new appliances, lights and a bit of paint can do for that tired old kitchen!
Tarting Up Your Old Appliances
Now is the perfect time to get a new refrigerator, oven, hob or other appliance, as you’ll be making some changes anyway. The more expensive stainless steel models are still quite popular, but that means that quite a few other finishes are available,...
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How to Build an In-built Bookcase - a Step by Step Guide

A traditional in-built bookcase would be made with solid wood boards, but this would be very expensive by today’s standards – upwards of £1000 for the lumber alone – so we suggest using MDF or plywood with a hardwood veneer. It will be both less expensive and stronger, and the sawn edges can be covered easily with trim. We suggest a birch veneer, as it gives you the most flexibility with stains...
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The Plantool Warwick depot team answer a call for help from the DIY SOS team

The popular BBC television programme DIY SOS; The Big Build put out a call to local dealers in the Bidford-on-Avon area to supply any tools and equipment they could spare for their latest project.

DIY SOS help deserving families in difficult situations improve their homes to better suit their lifestyles and improve their overall quality of life. Nick Knowles pictured below and...
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Tips for Insulating Your House This Winter - Saving Money on Energy Bills

There is a growing concern across the UK for rising energy prices and cost of living during the winters. Not a day goes by without thinking that more of our precious pennies are consumed even through winters when one expects the cost of living to decrease in such a season. It is estimated that the amount of electricity that is generated from gas will most likely increase to about 60%...
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A job well done at this years' Warwick Town Bonfire night

Our Warwick depot were pleased to receive a letter of accommodation from the Warwick Town Joint Bonfire Committee. The letter from Jackie Crampton, secretary of the committee thanks the Plantool team for our support in providing equipment to help host the evening at the Warwick Racecourse.
The event, organised by the Warwick Rotary Club and Warwick Lions brought in a good crowd and at...
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How to Achieve A Professional Finish When Tiling A Bathroom

Changing the tiles of your bathroom can accentuate the appearance and further enhance your bathroom from its previous state. However, to get a professional finish while tiling a bathroom yourself can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Either you can employ a professional tiler or designer, who will guarantee a near perfect job in no time or you can take up the challenge and do it...
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Smashing up Walls! Consider these tips before acting on your revelation to go open plan

When remodelling either a home or an office, most people enjoy picking out the fabrics, colours and finishes. However, before jumping to all this it is important to place considerable attention to space planning. When done right, the finished space will be more functional and efficient. So whether your remodelling challenge is big or small, here are some space planning tips to consider before...
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Plantool’s Team Building

22 Plantool staff, along with Ben’s mate Rob (to make up the numbers), attended a team building day on 19th September at Garlands Leisure, Mythe Farm in Sheepy Magna.
With 6 depots, some of the Plantool staff don't get to meet so the day was a way of getting everyone to get to know each other in a more social environment.
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Water damage restoration

Water damage restoration is the process of removing flooded water from a property. Flooding can occur for a number of different reasons, such as a natural disaster or a simple household leak. Unfortunately water can seriously damage properties, which is why it is essential that you take action to restore it immediately.

If your home or business is flooded, you’ll need to take...
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Plantool’s how to: Concrete laying

Need to lay concrete? Check out our how to guide below, along with the recommended the concrete laying equipment you’ll need to hire.

Concrete laying is something you can do yourself, providing that you’ve got the right tools!
Step 1: Preparation
Before you can start laying your concrete, you’ll need to clear the area of any objects or materials...
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Stuff you need to know about landscaping with diggers and dumpers

Is your outdoor space looking a little worse for wear? If so, it may be time to give it the makeover it deserves! Turn your untidy and unpractical space into something beautiful and functional with DIY landscaping.
Of course, if you are going to landscape your garden, you are going to need the right tools. Diggers and dumpers are both essential. They will allow you to overhaul your...
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Working safely with access platforms

Access platforms provide an easy, efficient and flexible way of working at height. However, as with all tasks that involve working at height, there are a number of safety concerns to address. Here we’ll provide our top tips on how to work safely with access platforms.

Carry out a risk assessment
Our first tip is to carry out a risk assessment on any jobs that involve...
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Cleaning floors commercially to exacting standards

When it comes to cleaning floors commercially, you’ll find it a much bigger task than cleaning your floors at home. Not only will you be required to clean larger areas but you will also need to make sure you carry out the job to the highest standards, paying extreme attention to detail. This is where commercial floor cleaning equipment comes in use. Here we’ll talk you through some of the...
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Choosing the right generator for the right purpose

Choosing the right generator to meet your needs is an important decision but with so many different makes, models and sizes to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which will be best. To give you a helping hand, we’ve shared some of our expert tips on choosing the right generator for the right purpose.

Plantool’s Stephill low noise Generator   available to hire now....
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Working on your house this summer: The benefits of using access platforms

Rather than hiring out professionals, today many homeowners decide to carry out DIY home improvements. Whilst this is great for saving money, there are a number of risks to be considered, especially if working at height.
  If you plan on doing any work on high-level windows, your roof or any trees in your garden, we highly recommend hiring an access platform. Here we’ll take a look at...
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IPAF Operator Training: What to expect on your course

If you are planning on using powered access equipment and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) in the workplace, you will need to have a Powered Access Licence. This can be obtained by carrying out a training course designed by IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) that will test your practical skills in using the equipment, as well as your knowledge of how to use it safely. Only...
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Everything you need for expert DIY garden landscaping

Landscaped gardens are not only easier to maintain but also great for boosting the value of your property. However, hiring a landscape gardener can be pretty expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, why not try your hand at DIY garden landscaping? Below we’ve shared a list of all the equipment you will need to get your lawn in tiptop condition.

Landscape your...
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Plantool’s Product Pick: Barreto Hydraulic Tracked Trencher

For our latest product pick, we have chosen the Barreto Hydraulic Tracked Trencher.
A mean looking machine, this Barreto trencher looks rough and ready. Its look isn’t just for show though, it really means business and will be the answer to all of those trenching challenges you will have come across in the past.
Whether laying pipes or cables, or installing drainage,...
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Plantool’s Product Pick: Pump Dehumidifier

While we’re not yet awash with torrential downpours, this on and off rain that we are currently experiencing across the country can become a headache for anyone building outside and an absolute nightmare for anyone unfortunate enough to have suffered with flooding.
To help deal with this problem, we have chosen our Pump Dehumidifiers as our latest product pick.
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Projects for the home and garden – 12 Things to tackle in 2015

We will soon be faced with a whole new year and with the next 12 months comes plenty of time to tackle all kinds of DIY projects in the home and garden.
There are always things to do when it comes to the home and garden, and to help you out in 2015 we have put together a list of 12 things to tackle in 2015, which can be found below.
Tackle the garden...
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Product of the Month: Propane Gas Blower Heaters

It’s the second week in December and you can really tell!
As we edge further and further into the month, it’s obvious that winter is here. The ground is icy, cars need defrosting and there is an uncomfortable chill in the air. It is for this reason that our product of the month for December is our Propane Gas Blower Heaters.
Equipped with the power to heat large spaces...
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Two Excellent Examples of Positive Customer Feedback

We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers and of course are absolutely delighted when that feedback is incredibly positive.
Recently our Warwick depot has received just that, with thank you letters received from The Rotary Club of Warwick and Warwick Town Joint Bonfire Committee.
The letter we received from the Rotary Club of Warwick is in relation to the...
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Tidy Your Home For Christmas – 5 Things To Do This Weekend

By now we can’t escape it, Christmas is coming.
While there are three weekends left before the day is here, with presents to buy and wrap, and food to buy and prepare, you won’t be left with much time for your home however. But if you’re looking to tidy up your home in time for the festive period and before your family arrive, we’re here to help.

Here are 5 things you...
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A Guide to Sanding Hardwood Flooring

Providing a rustic and homely look that is filled with quality and character, there is simply no substitute for having a hardwood floor in your home. Much easier to clean than carpet, it offers both practicality and a good look.
The beauty of hardwood flooring though is the fact that it is designed to last, unlike laminate or cheaper alternatives, this type of flooring can be sanded...
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Product of the Month: Bona Scorpion Dustless Floor Sander

New in for November, our product of the month is the  Bona Dustless Belt Floor Sander 200mm .
Lightweight and professional, whether you are working on a large scale renovation project or just doing some DIY to get your home looking nice for next month’s festive season, this Bona floor sander will be ideal.
Sanded hardwood floors are a strong look of late and this sander will...
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Product Of The Month: Central Heating Power Flushing Unit

Versatile, effective and easy to use, our Product Of The Month for October is the  Central Heating Power Flushing Unit . As temperatures drop, it will soon be time to turn your central heating on – if not already. With the Central Heating Power Flushing Unit you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your central heating will work productively throughout the winter months.
The Central...
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Dig Dig Dig!

Plantool Hirecentres Ltd. is digging to China!
Well, that isn’t strictly true, but you would think that given the amount of new Diggers we have for hire.

Plantool Ltd. is moving onwards and upwards in the world of hire centres. Due to a high demand of Diggers from our customers, we have now invested more than £150,000 to expand our range. This means that we...
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New: Niftylift SD120T at Plantool Hirecentres

Plantool Hirecentres now have a new range of cherry pickers – the Niftylift SD120T!

The new cherry pickers are durable and allow travel over rough terrain, grass and dirt. This means that tree surgeons and construction workers alike can now rely on Plantool Hirecentres to provide them with a premium range of high reaching lifts. The listed features of the Niftylift SD120T...
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The Grand Opening: Plantool Hirecentres Daventry Depot

On the 20th of May 2014, Plantool Hirecentres opened its brand new depot in Daventry. There was a great turnout, with equipment being displayed, the mayor of Daventry opening and presiding over the event and copious amounts of food and drink on offer, the day was a great success.

The opening of the new Daventry depot embodies Plantool Hirecentres constant growth and expansion...
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Happy Anniversary Ben Jones

Today marks the one year anniversary of Ben Jones becoming the head of Plantool Hirecentres.

After starting work for Plantool Hirecentres in February 2003, Ben worked as the depot manager in Warwick until June 2006. He soon moved to the Lutterworth branch of Hirecentres, and whilst working there was asked to be the Area Manager for the company.
Whilst acting as Area...
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The HAE Awards – 12th April 2014

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Equipment and tool hire businesses are coming together once more, to recognise hard work, diligence and excellence in the industry. The HAE
Awards were a smash hit last year, with Hardeep Singh Kohli taking the role of celebrity host, the night went off without a hitch.

This year, DIY SOS star Nick Knowles has been selected to host...
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How to achieve a professional finish when tiling a bathroom

Changing the tiles of your bathroom can accentuate the appearance and further enhance your bathroom from its previous state. However, to get a professional finish while tiling a bathroom yourself can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Either you can employ a professional tiler or designer, who will guarantee a near perfect job in no time or you can take up the challenge and do it yourself....
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