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Hilti Hire New Hilti order delivered to our Warwick depot.

Hilti Hire

At Plantool Limited we pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment. In keeping with this ethos we offer a very wide range of Hilti Products for hire. If you want to do the job easily, quickly and with the minimum of fuss, specify Hilti.

Hilti Tools

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  • From £ 34.00 Ex. VAT

    The fastest, cleanest way to drill large holes in walls, excellent for waste pipes, extractor fans and conduiting etc.

  • From £ 28.00 Ex. VAT

    Hacking off plaster, raking out pointing, chasing out walls with a hammer and chisel? These lightweight hammers can do it faster with a lot less effort. Easily controlled and useful in tight corners Suitable for overhead work

  • From £ 12.00 Ex. VAT

    Hammer Drilling in masonry, rotary drilling in steel, various screwdriving jobs.

  • From £ 156.00 Ex. VAT

    Civil engineers, steel erectors, builders and contractors will find this complete drilling rig the tool for producing quick, clear and accurate holes up to 250mm diameter in concrete, brickwork and block. The folding rig features stepless adjustment for angle cutting up to 45 degrees and the optional vacuum pump allows for secure temporary fixing.

  • From £ 21.00 Ex. VAT

    A professional hammer drill that is ideal for over head drilling tasks where you need a powerful yet lightweight machine. Forward and reverse

  • From £ 34.00 Ex. VAT

    For breaking out concrete up to approxiamately 4" thick depending on state of concrete. Points, chisels, clay spades and floor tile removers all available.

  • From £ 41.00 Ex. VAT

    This versatile breaker has 50% less vibration than conventional models, reducing user fatigue and enabling usage times to be considerably increased therefore providing high productivity. Chisels up to 1.3m3 of masonry per minute Light and easy to operate Ideal for ballast packing Breaking depth 125mm

  • From £ 23.00 Ex. VAT

    A professional hammer drill that is ideal for over head drilling tasks where you need a powerful yet lightweight machine. Reverse Switch Fitted

  • From £ 69.00 Ex. VAT

    The TE3000-AVR Breaker has been built to deliver the performance of an air tool in heavy breaking and demolition work on concrete or asphalt. However, its lack of vibration is every bit as impressive as its hammering power. Applications Include: Heavy concrete demolition at floor level and breaking up asphalt in road building and pipe laying work.

Showing 1 - 9 of 22 items

Contact Plantool for expert advice on freephone 0800 334 5365

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