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Surveying & Measuring New Hilti PR-HS lazer levels ready for hire.

Surveying & Measuring

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  • From £ 56.00 Ex. VAT

    A great one-person leveling system designed for the most rugged environment. Accurate, stable and reliable. Ideal for longer range measurements across your entire site.

  • From £ 37.00 Ex. VAT

    Whether you want to avoid underground service pipes and power cables or dig them up, these locators trace them quickly, accurately and safely.

  • From £ 37.00 Ex. VAT

    Applies a signal to a target line. The CAT and Genny combination can be used to locate a single line through congested areas.

  • From £ 32.00 Ex. VAT

    Robust,construction level designed to work hard on the job site. Quick to set up, simple to use, accurate, with clear, bright optics for easy reading. Ideal for all your daily leveling tasks. Complete with a sturdy tripod and a telescopic leveling staff.

  • From £ 14.00 Ex. VAT

    Accurate and easy to handle measuring wheel

  • From £ 53.00 Ex. VAT

    Made from fibre glass this high strength rod is flexible enough to cope with bends yet sufficiently rigid to push-feed through pipes, ducting channels or behind machinery and other obstacles. Continuous 120 metre rod Tapered end with pulling rope eye Facilitates cable laying without excavation Protective safety brake fitted to frame

  • From £ 38.00/week Ex. VAT

    For use with Flex Rods / Cobra Cable Puller and the CAT to trace non-metallic pipes (33 KHz version).

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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