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How to apply wall finishing correctly

Perfecting the application of finishing plaster can seem a daunting task - get it wrong and you could face repair bills that far exceed hiring a professional to undertake the task in the first place; get it right however and you can avoid the cost of a plasterer altogether. For this, we have written this very guide – follow our step by step...

3D printing in construction

3D printing in construction

Over the course of just a few years, 3D printing has proved revolutionary within both the design and engineering realms. Students and professionals are free from creating prototype after prototype – they can merely print and re-print - and...

Tidying up your garden

With spring now rapidly approaching (after what seemed to be the longest winter since UK records began) now is the time to take your rake, shears and garden sacks into the sparse landscape that has become your garden. Here are our top tips for a pre Spring garden tidy up in minimal time.

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